Thursday, June 23, 2005

Memories of Amnesia.

This is fun, I found it digging around the laptop today. It's an attempt at writing a blog entry on the Syd-SF flight. I'll reproduce it in it's unedited entirety and assume it to be self explanatory even if it does become a little less than coherent toward the end.


If you're reading this it means that I didn't crash the plane by turning my laptop on.

When the pre-flight announcement listed wi-fi connections as *bad* I kinda panicked, but it's disabled and we seem to still be aloft.

I really hate long-hauls. I had a cramped neck by the time we had completed taxi-ing at Mascot. No idea how long thus flight takes or,indeed, what time it is or how long I've been floating in this tin can. I sort of miss the personalised video-screen that Qantas offer but not enough to ever fly with the nazis again.

United has been OK. One long haul in cattle class is much like another but at least the staff are courteous and attentive. lunch was surprisingly good, dven if microwaved sreak is a bit of a challenge to newly refitted dentures. Salad served with the single most uninspiring layer of smoked salmon on it. Yecch. I knoced back a single-serve bottle of cardonay- that has done me good. I've taken enough valium to make Liza blush but sllep seems evasive.

Cardonay number two is well underway. I like the littl single srebe bottles.

Are we there yet?

Way to think im mad is watching episodes of sex nad city completely hiding under my flight blanket. i had right up over head like som king of mad monk woth a laptop.

The fucker in fromt of me has his chair in 'recline'osirion, meaning I'm lookinmg at this from an angle that isn't so great.

Just chaos at Mascot today. I arrived in plenty of time but after all the check-n and security rigmarole I had time to change some money and grab a litre of gin before boarding. Now I need plastic Martini glasses for my Hotel Chelse luxury abode. How very sad to have to power-mince past a duty free MAC shop but sailor v.

I half watched a terrinle Kevin Spacey biopic about Bobby Darin. The scenes with Sandra Dee were good, every single frame of the film was totally derivative.
And nnow I'm starting to feel bit sleepy. Will turn this off and see if I can sleep until SFo. I totally don't believe what my windows clock is alleging I have another ten hours up here. That simply can't be right. I feel like I've been locked in here for months already.

Kevin saey must be a homo? pleez xplain? id eat his shoes.

Damn, Hotel Monaco better have inhouse massage services. My neck is agony


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