Tuesday, September 06, 2005

PROOF! All yuppies are repulsive scum

I gave one the benefit of the doubt, you see. In return, I was used for everything that could be taken and summarily executed, as you'll read below.

By way of background, I said something deeply offensive. I pointed out to a scum sucking yuppie that some lives [i.e. western, white, wealthy] are granted more value than others. I observed that it appeared to me that the poor had suffered disproportionately in the New Orleans flooding. This caused a yuppie brain overload. The only response that he could manage was to call me an extravagantly childish name and skulk home from a concert at interval. It was so camp, so very overstated, as to be comic.

It's hard to decide which is more revealing. Maybe it's the revelation of so limited an intellect that a case simply can't be constructed, probably because no underlying ethical system exists from which to build. Or, just perhaps, yuppie filth knows the truth and can only run away to avoid reckoning with his part in the massive global inequity in distribution of wealth. All evidence would indicate that this person avoids paying tax in any country.

I heard with my own ears the statement, made with utter conviction, that Bangladesh should be left to endure their endless flooding if they can't afford flood mitigation. That so lacks fundamental human compassion and even decency that it borders on the reasoning of a psychopath.

And, despite no scientist in the world being certain, Yuppie Cornlumpsinmydesignershit KNOWS the location of 'Atlantis'- the Island of Santorini. All the nonsense I learned at university studying Plato and Jung is just wrong. I was TOLD by somebody who can claim a full two year diploma in PR as academic credibility.

on 'Atlantis'
on 'lost cities'

Maybe it's hard for yuppies to understand real people's lives. On Father's day, also the anniversary of my late fathers death AND the day that would have been his birthday, I was feeling a bit burdened. A fever in the upper range and the excrutiating pain of shingles [herpes zoster] made me less than sparkly.

Maybe I'm self-indulgent, but to punish a HIV+ person for having immune problems seems a little heartless. Attacking a depressed person for being depressed equates with, as I see it, pushing somebody over because they have no legs.

Would it seem cynical to observe that the yuppie's mood darkened and continued to degenerate when I didn't produce cocaine on demand? The twat even rolled his eyes at me and complained as if I'm somehow meant to be his personal cocaine mine. The fact that I'd invested most of my day chasing about to find drugs for him very literally didn't warrant listening to. It all makes me wonder if yuppie-o is as well connected as he makes out. Coke should be very readily available in the circles he claims to inhabit. It's incredibly rare in my world. We get our kicks beating up yuppies.

Cutting toward a chase... this is the response, much of it quite baffling, that I received after writing to suggest we take a break and then try 'adult dialogue' to stop the communication problems:

Message 3 of 8
From: yuppie hq
Date: 05 Sep 2005, 05:54:59 PM
HTML content follows


Dramatics weren't my goal last night but I just wasn't enjoying the evening. It seems for us to have a decent night out, one or both of us has to continually bite his tongue. And last night, it was clearly neither of us was interested in that.

Despite a lot of shared interests, we clearly have vastly divergent pictures of the world.

You seem to want to convince yourself there's nothing to live for and it's up to everyone else to convince you otherwise. Well, I gave that a go but then you dig in harder looking for proof and that just gets exhausting.

Baffling bit #1. Beyond comment, really. Good evidence of how people who might know better will use HIV and/or mental illness to bludgeon the sufferer whenever they choose.

Grown-ups have to find their own reasons to live. I hope you find yours.

?? Um, OK. That from somebody who has lived for nothing but money and the next drink. How dare he presume to comment on topics so beyond his understanding?

If you want to clear the financial slate, it's $X00 for your tickets for the Tonys, Rosie and Summer Rain.... minus what you paid for my tix to Producers, Rainbow, Nana and Death in Venice.

Did I say something about the primacy of money?

If you want to send a cheque or money order, address is 136 Kangaroo Point Rd, Sylvania, NSW 2224.

I hope that I don't get confused and post a bowel movement,

I hope you find what you're looking for in your southern retreat and in life.

And with that I'm fired! Absolutely for the best. I dont need people who are so insecure that they get their kicks belittling others. [Short man with tiny cock BTW]

Anybody who will throw away the best part of twenty-five years in favour of dialogue isn't worth another moment of my time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL u rox! Kill yuppies not Iraqis

6:59 PM  
Blogger Alicia Bennett said...

Hello, Just wandering the blogosphere and here I am at your blog. I enjoy the style of how you have put it all together. I'll be coming back again.


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4:07 AM  
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